Small Art for a Big Cause



FIVE by FIVE was created in 2012 by the Arts Council of Hillsborough County’s Artists Advisory Committee to raise money for artist programs and bring our arts community together. Each year since then, the Tampa Museum of Art was filled with more than 900 enthusiastic arts supporters attending the celebration.

The annual event showcased performances from local professionals in theatre, dance, music and spoken word as well as 5″x 5″ pieces of art from professional and emerging artists worldwide. Each year, the Arts Council received and displayed 600-700 tiny works. All artwork was exhibited anonymously and sold for $25 each. One of the most popular features of the night turned out to be the buying process. Buyers chose the work they purchased based on its appeal only and not whether the artist is known or unknown since artist signatures only appear on the back of the work.

FIVE BY FIVE raised much-needed funds for artists’ workshops and grants. To date, the event raised more than $65,000 through artwork sales for the Arts Council of Hillsborough County’s artists grants and program. One hundred percent of the artwork sales went to artist programs.

FIVE by FIVE celebrated all that’s fantastic about the arts. We thank you for your support at the event and truly appreciate the many artists who participated in the anonymous exhibition and live performances.

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The Arts Council’s Artist Advisory Committee created FIVE by FIVE with several goals in mind — to give all artists an additional opportunity to showcase their work and to raise money that would support the Arts Council’s individual artist programs. We also hope by offering original artwork at an affordable price this will enable those who might not usually buy original art to start collecting and thereby benefit artists beyond this one-night event. Buyers choose the work they purchase based on its appeal only and not whether the artist is known or unknown since all work is shown anonymously.