2014 Performing Artists

The Arts Council is pleased to present fantastic live performances throughout the evening at FIVE by FIVE 2014 on Oct. 17. We are grateful to these talented performers who are joining us to support a great cause and celebrate the arts in Tampa Bay.



Francine Wolf, Rodner Salgado, Ami Sallee

Playback theatre – Members of Gorilla Theatre, trained through the Patel Conservatory, will  play back your stories in an instant. Playback theatre is an original form of improvisational theater in which audience members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot. We enjoy giving a shared story back to the teller and are intrigued by the FIVE by FIVE crowd and the potential stories waiting to  be crafted into art tonight.


Jeanne AdamsJeanne M. Adams

Tales Untold, written by Jeanne M. Adams

You can hear a staged reading of Tales Untold at Stageworks Theatre on Mon., Oct. 27, 7 pm.

I’m a long-time Tampa resident and graduate of USF’s Theatre Department.  I enjoy delving into the mysteries of mankind and exploring questions that we don’t have all the answers for.  The expression for beginning writers is, “Write what you know.”  I think in my case, “Write what you can’t explain.” is more appropriate!  I wanted to become involved in 5×5 this year because I had a piece that I thought would be fun to share and because it is such a worthy endeavor and  LOADS of fun!

Jeanne invites you to share more personal stories of the unknown!

Find Jeanne on Facebook.



Fanni Green and Jo Averill-Snell, Stagewrights play development group

Reducing Coupling – written by Matt Cowley, directed by Robin Gordon 

Stageworks Theatre – a new space, a new season, a new energy as the award-winning Karla Hartley raises the curtain on interracial friendship in Superior Donuts through October 26 – then the Jewish Christmas show Handle With Care, same-sex marriage in Birds of a Feather, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, the rowdy Ain’t Misbehavin’ and The Motherf**er With the Hat. Six strong shows you need to see – tickets are available at



C. David Frankel and Joanna Sycz

Scenes from Imagining Madoff by Deborah Margolin

See the whole play Jan 8-25. The Tampa Repertory theatre presents plays, old and new, with an emphasis on American drama, in productions that are innovative, provocative, and classic. We create high quality theatre designed to attract a multi-generational, culturally diverse audience.



Marlena Peralta

One Day Closer, winning monologue from 2014 Tampa Theatre Festival


I am an actor residing in Tampa, FL. My piece is titled “One Day Closer” and its about the masks we have to put on to please different aspects in society as well as in ourselves. The piece is about a person hating their job and dreading going to work. Its about the constant inner battle of “should I follow my passion?” or “should I just shut up and put my big pants on today?”. I want to share “One Day Closer” at FIVE by FIVE because we need to look at ourselves, at our lives and ask “do I want better? Is this worth the risk?” and if it is what’s the next step?


To Keep My Love Alive  from Connecticut Yankee (Rodgers & Hart)

Lynne Locher is an actress, musician, sound designer, and former board president of Gorilla Theatre. She has been seen and heard at Gorilla Theatre, Jaeb Theatre, Studio@620, and others. She is returning to performance having been “behind the scenes” for a few years. Lynne is currently writing a solo cabaret on her love of books to be performed at Sarasolo Festival (see Gotta Van Productions, Inc. on Facebook). Her friend and violinist Dave Snider is an enthusiastic player of bluegrass, jazz, and fiddle-playing in general.



The Lion Tamer


Vulva Va-Voom bumperMISS VULVA VA-VOOM

Bad Things, Bloodletting

Interdisciplinary variety act comedienne. Underground cabaret scene artists– which is to say, we burlesque gals, drag queens, and fire spinners– are heavily influenced by the Gothic, Punk, and Industrial subcultures. This is partly due to the demographics of the gritty bars in which we often perform . . .but mostly due to personal affinity. This piece mixes an old “coffin classic” by Concrete Blonde with a newer vampire rockabilly track , creating exactly the sort of number you’d see Miss Vulva Va-Voom perform at one in the morning for an audience of absinthe soaked, clove smoking Goths. Please check your ‘personal space’ at the door.





Andrea Assaf   (Postcard)


Andrea Assaf

Art2Action, Inc. creates, develops, produces and presents new and devised theater work, interdisciplinary performances, performative acts and progressive cultural organizing.  We support women artists, artists of color, queer or trans-identified artists, and creative allies. We are dedicated to cultural equity and innovation, artistic quality and community value, performativity and impact.



Original Poetry

Cole Bellamy is a writer and educator from Tampa Florida. He is the author of three collections of poetry, Lancelot’s Blues (Green Rabbit Press), The Mermaid Postcard (Yellow Jacket Press), and American Museum (Beauty Is Beauty Press). His writing has appeared in The Louisville Review, Switched-On Gutenberg, Moonshot, Penumbra, Wordier Than Thou, and the Sandhill Review, among others. He teaches a series of community writing workshops through the Tampa Free Skool, and is the founder of Lucha Libro Tampa Bay, a live competitive writing event. He teaches English and Creative Writing at St. Leo University.




elizabeth baker autumnAutumn Widdoes, Elizabeth Baker

A Homecoming (a happening) – an interactive dance theater piece that explores the concept of home, of “returning home,” and what it means to return to a place that may no longer feel like home. Soundscape composition/music: Elizabeth Baker,   Film:  Autumn Widdoes,  Choreographic concept:  Autumn Widdoes

autumnwiddoes.wordpress.com, ElizabethABaker.com


Zoe Gallon

Waiting in Solitude choreographed by Christina Acosta



An African folk dance and music company, touring Florida and other states, playing schools, churches and festivals as well as opening for internationally known artists.



Steven Jones, Kelsee Green

Dance Duet – Shoes at the Door, a modern dance company, is actively engaged in community dance collaborations, outreach activities, and is preparing for an exciting full-length concert in February of 2015. Shoes at the Door is proud to be the dance representation at Homegrown in Hillsborough on Oct. 18, and will present 20 minutes of company repertoire at the festival.



tidwell BeautyImagebox3

Amour Movement

Beauty Image – Music: Karen Carpenter and Rage Against the Machine; Visual Artist: Symphony Tidwell; Photography: Nikki Devereux

In 2013, Tina was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County to create a dance theatre piece entitled Beauty Image for both professional dancers and the young dancers at Orange Grove Middle Magnet. “This project was inspired by beauty and body image, a theme that has reoccurred throughout my life as a woman and dancer.  Growing up, my older sister dealt with body image issues and eating disorders.  As a young pre-teen witnessing her struggle, I started to question what “beauty” means to each of us and who sets that standard.  Inner conflict can arise when there are so many outside influences pressuring you to fit into a specific mold –a mold that constantly changes.”  Tina is the founder of Amour Movement, a dance company dedicated to empowering girls, teens, women and humans alike by creating a movement of love, positivity, mindfulness, self acceptance, self expression, and self discovery through the art of dance and yoga.




joe cosas



Keyboard, guitar – Joe’s multi-instrumental and music production talents have allowed him to produce and record projects with award-winning musicians. He boasts a discography of 15 albums, all available on iTunes.



John Mayhugh and Fresh Air – Original by Kristen Holloway and Michael Godwin

Flute, guitar – Kristen and Michael are founding members of Gypsy Wind.  John Mayhugh is the story of Kristen’s great-great-great grandfather who was a Union captain in the Civil War.  This piece is the story of John’s life.  He fought in the battle of Fort Donelsen  and traveled down the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers in Western Kentucky.  Fresh Air is an original instrumental that blends the light airy sound of the flute with rich chordal changes. Gypsy Wind is Tampa Bay’s premier acoustic newgrass and swinging gypsy jazz band.  Gypsy Wind will be performing at the Barley Mow Brewing Company on 10/24 in Largo.


THE LINT ROLLERSlint rollers

A garage band for indescriminate grownups with Joey Donovan, George Valaes, Mike Cusumano

THE LINT ROLLERS could be accurately described as a “nouveau-garage band” generating lotsa raw (though somewhat middle-aged) energy. We pretty much stick to music we love to play, regardless of categorization (mostly “classic” pop, rock & blues), and generally play material that you remember, but didn’t think to ask for.


Rebecca Zapen

Violin, vocals – A third-generation musician in a family tree including players of violin, piano, double bass, guitar, and accordion, Rebecca Zapen has developed into a versatile performer: jazz crooner, classically-trained violinist, and award-winning multi-instrumentalist songwriter.