2015 Performing Artists

Live Performances Friday, Oct. 16, 8-11 pm

The Arts Council is grateful to these talented performers who are joining us to support a great cause and celebrate the arts in Tampa Bay. We appreciate their support in making FIVE by FIVE a true pARTy for the arts!


Myron and Natalie Jackson

An African folk dance and music company, touring Florida and other states, playing in a wide variety of venues and festivals as well as opening for internationally known artists. Tiriba, a folkloric dance from the Baga people of North Western Guinea was originally a masked dance. Now it is used for all types of celebrations such as weddings, baby showers and Ramadan. Exotic, mesmerizing rhythms and joyous movement born of the hands and feet of Kuumba Dancers & Drummers give life to traditional culture.  Kuumba performs dances from various regions in Africa and strives to present an authentic experience to their audiences while preserving and nurturing the art form for generations to come.




Multi-talented filmmaker, photographer and performer extraordinaire including juggling, circus arts such as tightwire and unicycle, and various sideshow feats.





Cole Bellamy, Kelsey Tressler, Richard James Girard

Lucha Libro is a live competitive spectacle where writers go head-to-head to create original pieces of literature before your very eyes! Two writers will be given a single word prompt, then they will have five minutes to pull whatever they can out of their brilliant minds. They then present their fresh creations to the audience, and the audience votes for a winner.

Lucha Libro on Facebook


monday mondayMONDAY, MONDAY

Michael Taylor Powers, Liz Hollister, Cindy Campione, Ed Woltil, Vivian Rose

monday monday is a unique musical group paying a special tribute (and more) to one of the most harmony-rich pop groups of the ’60s … the mamas and the papas. visually, vocally, and musically exciting, monday monday performs a generous catalogue of that world-famous group’s repertoire and also features in other dynamic hits from the music legends of folk, pop, and rock surrounding the woodstock era.

Monday monday on YouTube

Monday monday on Facebook



Lookout Excerpt

Jim Moss, Tessa Kehl, Daniel Dunderman

Lookout is a coming-of-age play about two teenagers who uncover the ulterior motives behind their double date.  Lookout was featured as part of the Tampa Bay Festival’s One-Acts and earned a superior rating at the District 14 Thespian Festival for Director David O’ Hara with Tessa Kehl (Emma) taking home the Best Actress award and Danny Dunderman (Tyler) winning Best Actor.




Ray Villadonga and Michael Washington

Bass and percussion electronica. Need we say more?



sasenarine persaudSASENARINE PERSAUD

Essayist, novelist, poet and short story writer

Sasenarine Persaud presents Hickson Park & other pieces from his latest book, Love in a Time of Technology. The book is partly Tampa/Florida based with switchbacks to/from South America, where he was born, the places he has lived (Toronto, Boston) and his Indian ancestry – which mirrors the diversity of this part of Florida he calls home. Sasenarine is the author of twelve books of fiction and poetry. His awards include: The KM Hunter Foundation Award (Toronto), the Arthur Schomburg Award (New York) and fellowships from the University of Miami and Boston University, from which he has a Master’s in Creative Writing. Persaud initiated the term Yogic Realism to define his literary aesthetics. His most recent book is Love in a Time of Technology (TSAR Publications/Mawenzi House, Toronto, Autumn 2014).

He has been described as “one of those rare poets who gets the recipe of humanness exactly right” (Canadian Literature); and his poetry as “miniature raags, sensuous units of Indian music obeying conventions mysterious to western ears” (The Globe and Mail). Persaud was born in Guyana and has lived in Canada for several years. Florida has been his home for the past sixteen years.

Sasenarine Persaud’s Website




Brooke Bissell, Laura Mobley

Shoes At The Door is a 501(c )(3) non profit organization founded in 2009. After 6 successful seasons of performances in venues throughout Tampa and St.Petersburg, the company has shifted the focus of their 7th season to outreach. The mission of the company, in addition to presenting performances, is to cultivate awareness and appreciation of Modern Dance by offering members of the community who might not otherwise be exposed to Modern Dance, the opportunity to express themselves creatively through movement. As a part of this mission, they offer dance outreach classes, workshops and performances to the community at little or no charge.  Shoes At The Door currently offers presentations on dance at local teach-ins in Hillsborough County Schools, including Riverhills Elementary Magnet School and Orange Grove Middle Magnet.  They even collect and donate new or lightly used shoes to those in need in the community!


Shoes at the Door on Facebook

SoHo-Indigo-PhotoSOHO INDIGO

Pam Rubenstein & Chuck Hill

SoHo Indigo is a musical duo from Tampa Bay, featuring vocalist Pam Rubenstein and guitarist Chuck Hill. Their repertoire includes a variety of jazz standards, blues, torch songs, Bossa Novas, and original material. They have performed at various Bay Area  venues, including restaurants, wineries and art galleries, living facilities, and at events highlighting the arts, such as USF’s ‘Longest Table’ & the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. Their FIVE BY FIVE performance will highlight songs from their recent CD release, ‘The Subject is Love’, which was partially funded by a grant from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County.





Sarah Fady, Jotham Fady

Mother and son duo playing traditional folk music on hammered dulcimer and acoustic guitar.



Songs that go with pictures. Music inspired by Sybil Art.

Rick and Sybil Art website


YellowishColors-on-RiverYELLOWISH BLUE & PINK

Matthew Belopavlovich, Alain Torres, Landon Green, Curtis Brand, Kim Goodman, Alex Keiper

A painter dares to mix banned colors in a world where the Society of Life art dictates right and wrong. Art helps the world learn tolerance and keep an open mind. This show received the Jeff Norton Dream Grant 2015. Concept and choreography by Matthew Belopavlovich.

Yellowish Blue Show Website