2016 Visual Artists

Thank you to the more than 400 visual artists from 12 countries and 21 states who graciously contributed artwork to our 5th Annual FIVE by FIVE. Many have supported us at each of our previous FIVE by FIVE events. Their support and the global support for our goal is truly touching our hearts. We thank them for their generosity and support!

Nicole Abbett, Tampa, FL – Photography

Beizar Abdi, Nashville, TN – Intaglio

Carolyn Adler, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Lou Aguilar, Murfreesboro, TN – Acrylics

T Cris Alencar, Gulfport, FL – Mixed media

James Alexander, Wesley Chapel, FL – Acrylics, oil

Linda Alexander, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

London Amara, Bonita Springs, FL – Ink

Dale Amato, Lutz, FL – Acrylics

Andie Anders, Tampa, FL – Photography

Sybil Anderson, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Erin Anfinson, Murfreesboro, TN – Encaustic and Paper Collage

Jean Archer, Tampa, FL – Oil

Lisa Argentieri, Port Orange, FL – Watercolor

Marjorie Arnaldi, Temple Terrace, FL – Mixed media

Eleanor Arroyo, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Sofia Arvanitopoulos, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Betsy Ashley, New York, NY – Mixed media

Elle Ashworth, Tampa, FL – Horse Hair Ceramics

Gaby Ashy, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Suzanne Austin-Hill, Ruskin, FL – iPhonography

Kennedy Bailey, Tampa, FL, Acrylics and Oil

Janet Baker, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Milly Ballard, Sun City Center, FL – Ceramic

Dorothy Banker, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Chris Banyai, Murfreesboro, TN – Watercolor

Francine Bauer, Tampa, FL – Encaustic

Yvonne Beatty, Los Angeles, CA – Graphite, ink and colored pencil

Michelle Becker, Tampa, FL – Watercolor Pencil

Beryl Beckett, Tampa, FL – Glass, fused and slumped

David Beebe, Tampa, FL – Photography

Patricia Beebe, Tampa, FL – Oil on Yupo

Bill Bellgraph, Tampa, FL – Oil

Lorraine Bevilacqua, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Ramon Blanco Jr., Land O Lakes, FL

Chan Bliss, Tampa, FL – Colored Pencil

Tim Boatright, Tampa, FL – Hand-drawn/digital

Johannes Boekhoudt, Rockwall, TX – Oil

Trisha Bohannon, Tampa, FL – Encaustic

Isabelle Boisvert, Levis, Quebec, Canada – Acrylics

Ghislaine Boreel, New York, NY – Acrylics, ink

Martyna Boruta, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Mary S Bourassa, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Liane Brown, Tampa, FL – Glazed Pottey

Marylee Bruneau, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Rosalyn Buchanan, Jacksonville, FL – Digital Photography Collage

Gloria Bucher, Odessa, FL – Acrylics

Jeanette Burton, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Virginia Butler, Tampa, FL – Oil

Angel ButterFly, Tampa, FL – Oil

Sarah Butz, St. Petersburg, FL – Fiber

Veda Calhoun, Tampa, FL – Canvas

Patricia Callihan, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Danial Cantu, Lakeland, FL – Photography

Terry Carter, Clearwater, FL – Mixed media sculpture

António Castilho, Lisboa, Portugal – Digital Drawing

Amra Causevic, St. Petersburg, FL – Printmaking

Glenda Chaconas, Lutz, FL – Acrylics

Sara Chang, Tallahassee, FL – Digital imaging

Michelle Chapdelaine, Sun City Center, FL – Clay

Marilyn Chaulk, Palm Harbor, FL – Acrylics

KC Chilton, Sun City Center, FL – Clay

Alberto Chirinos, Tampa, FL – Oil

Janet Chwieseni, Seffner, FL – Digital Photography

Heidi Clapp-Temple, Lithia, FL – Photography

Shannon Cobb-Tappan, Dunedin, FL – Metal mixed media

Inna Cohen, Tampa, FL – Ink, Yupo

Rozanna Colon, Tampa, FL – Mixed

Cindy Coney, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Lorna Conley, New Port Richey, FL – Acrylics

Gabie Conner, Palm Harbor, FL – Mixed media

Ian Cooper, Murfreesboro, TN – Mixed media

Libby Couch, St. Petersburg, FL – Mixed media

Salvatrice Creel, Tampa, FL – Woodcut print

Taylor Crosland, Tampa, FL – Silkscreen

Bertrand Crouthamel, Tampa, FL – Digitally Altered Photography

Kathy Crouthamel, Tampa, FL – Digitally Altered Photography

Kimberli Cummings, Tampa, FL – Clay Tile

Madelene Dailey, Tampa, FL – Watercolor, Acrylics

Nanette Dailey, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, oil, tempera paint

Desiree D’Alessandro, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Peggy Paramore Daubar, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Daniel Dees, Tarpon Springs, FL – Acrylics

Israel L. DelValle, Tampa, FL – Colored pencil

Margeaux Lauren DeMott, Tampa, FL, Acrylics

Gina DeNave, Coopersburg, PA – Acrylics

Georgette DeSalvo, Clearwater, FL – Photography

Sandra DeWan, Tacoma, WA – Acrylics

Barbara DeWitt, Rockville, MD – Watercolor

Carol DeWitt, Seattle, WA – Watercolor

Michelle Dinelle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Acrylics

Stephan Dixon, Riverview, FL – Acrylics

Rhonda Donovan, Lutz, FL – Sculptural painting

John Dos Passos, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Karen Dos Passos, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Eve Drinis, Tampa, FL – Oil

Sigfrido Duarte, West New York, NJ – Mixed media

Carl Dunson, Birmingham, AL – Mixed media

Kathleen Durdin, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Tommy Durham, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Anthony Duva, Tampa, FL – Photography

Tatiana Dvorkin Acevedo, Pinellas Park, FL – Acrylics

Brenda Eastep, Ruskin, FL – Acrylics

Kathy Edwards, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Katie Eichholz, Kirksville, MO – Colored Pencil

Reed Eiler, Naples, FL – Mixed water media

Theresa Eisenberg, Tampa, FL – Oil

Beth Emery, Tampa, FL – Oil

Lorene Erickson, Bradenton, FL – Acrylics

Audrey Ewing, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Shane Farr, St. Pete Beach, FL, Mixed media

Melissa Fair, Valrico, FL – Mixed media

Shirley Faircloth, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Pat Fenda, Tampa, FL – Oil pastels

Virginia Ferguson, Tampa, FL – Oil

Rafael Ferran, New York, NY – Mixed media

Robin Fick, Temple Terrace, FL – Acrylics

Vasty Figueroa, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

June Fiorelli, Sun City Center, FL – Clay

JoAnn Flagg, Tampa, FL – Glass

Cheryl Flowers, Tampa, FL – Photography on tile

Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr, Lutz, FL – Acrylics

Francine Fox, Kirksville, MO – Graphite

Mary Frances, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Angela Frazier, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Judy Freeman, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Cynthia Friedlob, Toluca Lake, CA – Mixed media

Iska Frosh, Murfreesboro, TN – Mixed media

Kathleen Fulmer, Clearwater, FL – Mixed media

Autumn Galloway, Murfreesboro, TN – Pen, marker

Joan Garcia, Lutz, FL – Acrylics

Elissa Gardner, Tampa, FL – Photography

Antoinette Gaynor, Brandon, FL – Ink

Sally Geda, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, Sharpie

Lisa Gellens, Tampa, FL, Mixed media

Suzanne Gellens, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Tim Gibbons, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Lee Gibson, New York, NY – Cyanotype

Victor Giordano, Tampa, FL – Photography

Nicole Giovagnoli, Largo, FL – Acrylics

Annette Gloomis, Belleair Bluffs, FL – Ink

Rachel Goldberg, Tampa, FL – Fused Glass

Eileen Goldenberg, Tampa, FL – Digital painting

Patricia Gomez, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Barry Goodman, St. Petersburg, FL – Watercolour

Victoria Goodwin, Winsted, CT – Acrylics

Richard Gordon, Baltimore, MD – Pastel

Alejandra Gotera, Tampa, FL – Painting

Susan Gott, Tampa, FL – Cast Glass

Anna Graziosi, Staatsburg, NY – Watercolor, Ink

Romerus Greer, Antioch, TN – Acrylics

Brenda Gregory, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Erica Greskoviak, Tampa, FL – Watercolor, Ink

Brittany Griesser, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Jennifer Guillette, Holiday, FL – Acrylics

Charlotte Guth, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Joanna Habis, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Betty C. Hagan, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Kendal Hansen, Lakeland, FL – Acrylics

Karen Hanson, Sun City Center, FL – Pottery, thrown

Chuck Harlow, Tampa, FL – Warm Glass

Alice Harrington, Avon Park, FL – Pastel

Deborah Harrison, Brandon, FL – Pen, marker

Tara Hatfield, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Chantal Hediger, Schmerikon, St. Gallen, Switzerland – Mixed media

Kelly Hickman, Tampa, FL – Photography

Joanne Higbee, Tampa, FL – Mixed media/Acrylics

Amisha Hill, Tampa, FL – Photography

Melissa Hill, Chesapeake, VA – Ink

Glenda Himes, Tampa, FL – Fused Glass

Ken Hinkley, Tampa, FL – Photography

Charmaine Hoit, Sun City Center, FL – Clay

Sheila Holbrook, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Andreas Horn, Bremen, Germany – Acrylics

Bruce Houghton, Tampa, FL – Fused Glass

Jarrod Houghton, Murfreesboro, TN – Encaustic & wood

George Howlett, Tampa, FL – 35mm film Photography

Peter Hriso, St. Joseph, MO – Digital

Shanye Huang, Silver Spring, MD – Acrylics

Marion Huey, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Amy Hughes, New York, NY – Oil

Arlene Hughes, Sun City Center, FL – Pottery

Marc Hussey, Tampa, FL – Pecan Wood, Copper, Latex

Kisha Jasmin, Tampa, FL – Acrylics and jewels

Shelley Jean, Orlando, FL – Encaustic

Elizabeth Johnson, Brooksville, FL – Colored pencil

Romona Johnson, Brandon, FL – Acrylics

Tia Johnson, Tampa, FL – Ink

Denesha Jones, Murfreesboro, TN – Acrylics

Kimberly Kalsun, Clearwater, FL – Acrylics

Helen Kashenider, Sun City Center, FL – Clay

Ina Kaur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – Etching, aquatint

Carol Keller, Tampa, FL – Mixed media – Polymer Clay

Margaret Kennedy, New York, NY – Oil and aluminum leaf

Catherine Killian, Sun City Center, FL – Fused Glass

Kaki King, Tampa, FL – Watercolor, Ink

Dori Klaaren, Tampa, FL – Ink

Terry Klaaren, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Judith Klar, Tampa, FL – Majolica clay

Margaret Kledzik, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Martin Kledzik, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Catherine Klein, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Candace Knapp, Brandon, FL – Acrylics

Vicki Knauff, Ruskin, FL – Acrylics

Barbara Koehler, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

William Koehler, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Beth Kokol, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Alex Kossman, Lutz, FL – Marker

Merrill Kramer, Clearwater, FL – Glazed stoneware clay

Paul Kreuzinger, Lutz, FL – Acrylics, Clay

Sierra Kroeter, Tampa, FL – Oil

Leeann Kroetsch, Tampa, FL – Fiber

Sarah Krupp, Westerville, OH  – Collage

Yvonne Krystman, Cape Coral, FL – Mixed media

Marcia Kutash, Tampa, FL – Pen and ink

Karen Tucker Kuykendall, Tampa, FL – Oil and Sharpie

Keisha Lambert, Nashville, TN – Thread and encaustic

Christopher Lampkin, Tampa, FL – Oil

Danett Landon, Port Richey, FL – Mixed media, 3D

George Landon, Port Richey, FL – Mixed media, 3D

Shay Landon, Port Richey, FL – Ink

Jeanne LaPensee, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Matt Larson, Tampa, FL – Photography Encaustic

Pete Lawson, Temple Terrace, FL – Mixed media

Margarita Lebron, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Glenn Lee, Fort Lauderdale, FL – Photography

JoAnn Lee, Fort Lauderdale, FL – Photography

Roger Leege, Venice, FL – Photography montage

Susan Leege, Venice, FL – Photography

Haley Legato, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Peggy Lenegar, Apollo Beach, FL – Fabric, bead collage

Karen Lepa-Rottler, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Emily Levy, Tampa, FL – Encaustic, paper

Zach Lillis, Palm Harbor, FL – Photography

Jayne Lisbeth, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Crystal Litzau, Odessa, FL – Pottery

Cynthia Lizardi, Tampa, FL – Ink and pencil

Linda LoCascio, Clearwater, FL – Collage

Anita Long, Temple Terrace, FL – Acrylics

Jennifer Lukas-Joyner, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Jose M, Oldsmar, FL – Photography/ Acrylics

Marina Mamyan, Yerevan, Armenia – Watercolor

Timothy Manja, Apollo Beach, FL – Colored Pencil

Lynn Manos, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Elaine March, Tampa, FL – Oil

Arleen Mariotti, Lutz, FL – Mixed media

Heidi Marr, Tampa, FL – Printmaking

Peter Marr, Tampa, FL – Printmaking

Uwe Marr, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Brandon Marshall, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, spray paint

Vanessa Martin, Ruskin, FL – Photography

Alfredo Martinez, Tampa, FL – Gouache

Sooo-z Mastropietro, Westport, CT – Fiber

Cathy Mathes, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

William Mathes, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Jack Matott, Spring Hill, FL – Pigment Print

Kelsey McCarroll, Murfreesboro, TN – Oil

Casey McDonough, St. Petersburg, FL – Mixed media block print

Natsko McKissack, Los Angeles, CA – Acrylics

Rachel McLeod, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, reclaimed wood

Terrie McNamara, Sun City Center, FL – Clay

Alena Mehic, Mount Juliet, TN – Mixed media

Mary Jo Melone, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, charcoal pencil

David C. Mendoza, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Charlotte Mertz, Fort Myers, FL – Watercolor, oil

Veronica Meyer, Tarpon Springs, FL – Mixed media

Janie Miller, Lutz, FL – Clay

Jill Miller, Lambertville, MI  – Screenprint

Steven Miller, Lutz, FL – Pottery

Jana Millstone, Sarasota, FL – Acrylics

Mary Mirabal, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Michele Miskowski, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Elizabeth Mitchell, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Ankica Mitrovska, Skopje, Macedonia – Mixed media

Maxim Mokin, Tampa, FL – Pastel

Omar Molina, Tampa, FL – Photography

Tracy Monsanto Brady, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Jeff Monsein, Tampa, FL – Mosaic

Vanessa Montenegro, Tampa, FL – Watercolor, ink

David Moore, Plant City, FL – Acrylics

Kevin Morales, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Sandra Morehouse, Valrico, FL – Acrylics

Craig Morris, Tampa, FL – Oil

Rhonda Morrison, Montrose, PA – Mixed media

Betty MTC, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Calla MTC, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Kelly MTC, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Sara MTC, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Shannon MTC, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Chris Munoz, Tampa, FL – Photography

Gina Munoz-Bryant, Clearwater, FL – Collage

Gabriel Munoz-Calene, Clearwater, FL – Mixed media

Maureen Murphy, Tampa, FL – Graphite

Jane Myers, Odessa, FL – Acrylics

Matteo Nardella, San Marco in Lamis, Puglia, Italy – Acrylics

Candace Naumowicz, Schwenksville, PA – Watercolor/Gouache

Deb Newman, Land O Lakes, FL – Watercolor

Gudrun Newman, Sarasota, FL – Acrylics

Joshua Newth, Cape Girardeau, MO – Mixed media

Dan Nichols, Odessa, FL – Acrylics

Ruth T. Nienhaus, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Paula Noblitt, Temple Terrace, FL – Acrylics

Caitlin Rose O’Brien, Tampa, FL – Encaustic, acrylics

Kym O’Donnell, Tampa, FL – Silver gelatin print

Stephanie Ong, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Becky O’Sullivan, Bradenton, FL – Acrylics, ink

Danny Owens, Omaha, NE  – Watercolor

Lolly Owens, Bradenton, FL – Monoprint & dried flower head

Sabrina Owens, Murfreesboro, TN – Acrylics, Collage

Morgan T. Paine, Fort Myers, FL – Ink, Gold Leaf

Ramona Palmisani, San Severo, Puglia, Italy – Acrylics

Tanner Pancake, Murfreesboro, TN – Graphite

Angelina Parrino, Dade City, FL – Mixed media

Fiel Patricio, York, PA – Mixed media

Sensei Paulino, Brandon, FL – Mixed media

Amy Phillips, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Michael Vito Phillips, Tampa, FL – Painting

Sisavanh Phouthavong, Murfreesboro, TN – Collage and Acrylics

Lily Phuphanich, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Tina Piracci, Tampa, FL – Sunograph

Emily Plasencia, Tampa, FL – Crochet

Johanna Pol, Apollo Beach, FL – Oil

Geoffrey Poole, Wesley Chapel, FL – Oil

Pamela Poole, Wesley Chapel, FL – Acrylics

Jim Porter, Sun City Center, FL – Ceramic

Erin Potter, Murfreesboro, TN – Collaged lithographs

Deirdre Powell, Riverview, FL – Digital Art

Diane Pribojan, Hinckley, OH  – Acrylics

Patrick Przewloka, Bremen, Germany – Spraypaint

Debra Radke, Tampa, FL – Monoprint on Somerset 300 gm

Wilfredo Raguro, Irving, TX – Silver gelatin print

Micah Ramey, Murfreesboro, TN – Acrylics

Maribell Ramirez-McMickle, Wesley Chapel, FL – Mixed media

Diana Ranstrom, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

John Rapp, Sun City Center, FL – Stained glass

Susan Rapp, Sun City Center, FL – Stained glass

Dale Ratzlaff, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Marcel Ratzlaff, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Ms. Duane Reigel, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Paul Restivo, Jacksonville, FL – Photography

Lee Reynolds, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, gold leaf

Anna M Rice, Tampa, FL – Acrylics  ink

Brian Rice, Tampa, FL – Infrared Photography

Donna Richardson, Port St Lucie, FL – Acrylics

Donna Richardson, Port St. Lucie, FL – Acrylics

Jan Richardson, St. Petersburg, FL – Porcelain

Ari Richter, New York, NY – Acrylics, ink

Maryann Riker, Phillipsburg, NJ – Mixed media

Susan Rodriguez, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Tania Romero, Tampa, FL – Photography

Jessica Rose, Murfreesboro, TN – Ink

Daniel Ross Rogers, Murfreesboro, TN – Pencil

Elizabeth Rounkles, Tina, MO – Lithography

AnaSophie Ruju, Los Angeles, CA – Ink

Caryn Russ, Tampa, FL, Acrylics

Amanda Ryan, Tampa, FL – NA

Cynthia Ryan, Plant City, FL – Mixed media

Eleni Sakellar, Tucson, AZ – Acrylics

Crystaline Salgado, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Blanca Salinas, Alamo, TX – Permanent marker

Christine Samad, Valrico, FL – Digital Photography

Beth Samenus-Knedler, Vermillion, SD – Mixed media

Jeffrey Sanchez, Bradenton, FL – Oil

Jessica Sandin, Riverview, FL – Collage, drawing, paint

Maria Santacecilia, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Drawing, collage

Marie Schadt, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Barbara Schardt, Tampa, FL – Acrylics, paper sculpture

Anna Schermerhorn, Riverview, FL – Mixed media

Joan Schnuerch, Bradenton, FL – Acrylics

R. Schofield, Tampa, FL – Digitally altered photography

Richard Seidel, St. Petersburg, FL – Acrylics

Marc Seidenberg, Tampa, FL – Photography

Teri Foster Semper, Avon Park, FL – Digital photography, acrylics

Emiliano Settecasi, Tampa, FL – Latex paint, pen

Rosemary Sexton, Port Charlotte, FL – Oil

Rebecca Sexton Larson, Tampa, FL – Photography encaustic

Karen Shader, Sun City Center, FL – Glass paint

Riddhima Sharraf, Delhi, NCT-Delhi, India – Water colour

Lydia Shattuck, Cleveland, TN – Mixed media collage

Debra Sher, Tampa, FL – Fused glass

Kaitlin Sherin, Riverview, FL – Ceramic

Janice Shindle, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Carolyn Shoup, Tampa, FL – Watercolor

Jyotika Shroff, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Michelle Shroyer, Tampa, FL – Alcohol ink

Jennie Sikora-Muehl, Riverview, FL – Ceramic

Norelle Siliati, Riverview, FL – Oil

Marilyn Silverman, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Terri Simons, Tampa, FL – Watercolor, ink

Marissa Skinner, Ethridge, TN – Acrylics

Marilyn Snell, Tampa, FL – Oil

Nydia Sosa, Brandon, FL – Acrylics

Stephanie Spangler, King of Prussia, PA – Pen, ink

Mei-Ling St Leger, Clearwater, FL – Encaustic

Tyler Staggs, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Kara Stallings, Murfreesboro, TN – Mixed media

Peter Stilton, Gouldsboro, MA  – Acrylics

Rebecca Stout, Murfreesboro, TN – Oil

Kim Straub, Temple Terrace, FL – Mixed media

Barbara Stubbs, Tampa, FL – Water based oil

Ty and Kara Stude, Palm Harbor, FL – Color Pencil, Pen, Ink

Craig Subler, Washington, DC – Digital Photography

Cynthia Sullivan, Murfreesboro, TN – Ink

Joan Supkay, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Kathy Swigon, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Cynthia Tackett, Boardman, OH  – Mixed media

Pansy Tang, Hong Kong – Mixed media

Karlie Tankersley, Murfreesboro, TN – Acrylics

Erin Tapley, Whittier, NC – Marbled Paper

Joyce Whitman Tawil, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Catherine Thomas, St. Petersburg, FL – Watercolor, Ink

Abigail Thompkins, Murfreesboro, TN – Watercolor

Glenyse Thompson, St. Petersburg, FL – Ink

Lois Thompson, Overland Park, KS – Acrylics

Brent Thorlton, Tampa, FL – Oil

Olivia Thornton, Ruskin, FL – Mixed media

Alice Thorpe, New York, NY – Acrylics

Lindsy Tortorice, Tampa, FL – Collage

Jennifer Toth, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Dana Tri, Spring Hill, TN – Pen and Ink

Elisabeth Trostli, Sarasota, FL – Digital Painting

Susan Turconi, Venice, FL – Acrylics

Julie Vaccaro, Temple Terrace, FL – Mixed media

Tim Vadnais, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Jan van de Pol, Helmond, Netherlands – Bronze, marble

Chris van Hillo, Tampa, FL – Kiln formed glass

Kay Vinson, Mountain Brook, AL – Mixed media

Jane Voorhees, Kansas City, MO – Acrylics

Saudia Wadud, Tampa, FL – Mixed media collage

Hannah Warrensford, Odessa, FL – Acrylics

Joe Warrington, Wimauma, FL – Acrylics

Sarah Weber, Comstock Park, MI  – Oil

Amy Weiss, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Andy Weiss, Tampa, FL – Mixed media

Menthe Wells, Anaheim Hills, CA – Ink

Shellee Wells, St. Petersburg, FL – Embroidery

Carla Wilkins, Lutz, FL – Mixed media

Jenee Williams, Tampa, FL – Photography

Pamela Williams, Clearwater, FL – Mixed media

Vanesia Wilson, Sun City Center, FL – Handbuilt pottery

Sherita Woodard, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Cheryl Worsham, Land O Lakes, FL – Acrylics

Patricia Yanulis, Tampa, FL – Cold Wax on wood

Jean Yglesias, Tampa, FL – Acrylics

Patricia Yontz, Tampa, FL – Photography

Margaret Zabor, Temple Terrace, FL – Watercolor

Kathleen Zann Isacson, New York, NY – Watercolor

Gina Zarba, North Redington Beach, FL – Photography

Nicole Zelenak, Murfreesboro, TN – Watercolor, ink

George Zzyzoff, Temple Terrace, FL – Photography